pot au choc

with belgian chocolate chips

Rich, decadent chocolate milkshake made with real cocoa mass and soft Belgian chocolate chips throughout. It's total chocolate heaven!

strawberry pavlova

with real meringue pieces

Indulgent milkshake blended with natural strawberry juice and pulp to deliver a genuine strawberry flavour. With meringue pieces throughout it's a little bit of summer luxury in a bottle!

softly banoffee

with real banana & toffee

Lush banana milkshake mixed with a luxury toffee sauce and soft toffee pieces. Sweet mellow yellow delight!

a hint of mint

with real mint chocolate chips

Rich, decadent Chocolate milkshake made with real cocoa mass... only this time with soft mint chocolate chips throughout. A luxury mint sensation. It's Mintalicious!

cookies & cream

with real cookies & choc chips

Creamy vanilla milkshake brimming with gorgeous cookie pieces and Belgian chocolate chips. Indulgence that takes the biscuit!